I am honored to serve as Chairman of The Council of Kenya Emergency Medical Technicians. With this position comes the daunting responsibility of working with the committee to lead the Council in fulfilling its mission as the national certifying organization for EMTs. All of us on the committee take this responsibility very seriously and devoted many hours to Ensuring That we meet the needs of all our various customers. We HAVE ADOPTED a set of core values ​​to guide us in our decision making and are in the process of drawing up our strategic plan. Our first and most important value is to serve as an advocate for quality patient care. After all, That is what all of us in EMS are here for - to See That patients in need get the best care possible. Whether it be development tests, administration or individual decision making, we Constantly ask ourselves "does this support this vital role?" The answer has to be yes or we seek an alternative. We also value demonstrating leadership and professionalism in EMS. We do this through participation in conferences, meetings and educational programs of most of the international EMS organizations. This Provides us with the most current industry information and offers opportunities to develop valuable relationships. Following the rapid growth of the population EMTs and the Council, we soon Shall employ full time Members of the staff who will help the executive committee carry out Their Work. You are wellcome to visit the site and give your views Whenever you feel. Also you can volunteer to join one of the working committees to build your council. To contact The chairman email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.