This committee assists the executive committee in identifying and developing new educational content for EMS practitioners and ensuring that KCEMT’s education meets industry standards and is in compliance with all industry regulation. Responsibilities include:

1. Monitor requirements and trends in EMS education, certification, re-certification, and standards to ensure that KCEMT education is in compliance with all requirements and meets the continuing education needs of EMS practitioners;

2. Recommend new courses or course content, as needed.

3. Determine when there is a need for application or renewal of education program accreditation.

4. Prepare a CME policy and programme

5. Preparation and moderation of Examinations through nomination of examination boards

6. Preparation and enforcement of quality assurance policies on training.

Members of the committee appointed include

Eunice Wanjiku – Chair

Samson Mwambole - Vice Chair

Francis Mutunga

Council Secretary – Ex oficio